Business Ethics and Deontology


  • Delia Consuegra de Sucre

  • María Mitre V

  • Antonio Sucre


deontology, ethics, business, values, responsibility, social


This article deals with professional ethics and deontology important results are reflected based on the conduct of a survey on the ethical behavior of the servers of the University of Panama UP specifically in the C R U Los Santos taking into consideration important key points of the institution such as mission vision and values that this first house of studies at a higher level has The survey reflects the level of business ethics that the employees of this first house of studies have in order to know how the different decisions and perceptions are presented in the different situations of the institution in terms of ethics It is a descriptive type research since it allows us to evaluate globally the degree of development of Corporate Social Responsi-bility CSR and present evidence of the knowledge of employees about Ethics in the C R U Los Santos and what they perceive when conducting the survey The main result of our research showed that the Los Santos Regional University Center is on the right track Employees care about ethics but it has several aspects in which it must improve


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Business Ethics and Deontology