A surveillance camera is used to observer and record the surroundings. There are many types of existing surveillance camera and each of them has their own specifications made to suit their respective purposes. For example, there are fixed, 1-degree-of- freedom (DOF) and2-DOF cameras. As for a moving camera, it is essential for it to be able to move freely so that it can capture the target object in awider range. The camera also should be able to be controlled wirelessly to give a better practicality to the user. Based on the specifications, this project is constructed to overcome these problems. A 2-DOF camera support system is to be created which can be controlled wirelessly via Bluetooth. The support will e made with two motors that can pan and tilt the camera. The user will need to download an application which has o screen control into their gadgets and this can be connected to the Arduino which controls the motors. The Arduino will process the command from the user and will move the right motor to execute the command. This project will help the user to control the surveillance camera from a distance wirelessly and have at least a 360° pan view and 90° tilt view.

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