Smart government is a model of evolution of egovernment, e-government in general is government public services on the Internet through Web portals applications (Life Events & Business Episodes), smart government and its applications come to complement what has been built and invest in cross closer to citizen on the one hand, the direct and simultaneous interaction with data deployed in society and economic, social and security and its components on the other. Instruments Smart sensors have evolved (Smart Sensors) which are connected to the Internet, such as security surveillance cameras in cities and climate sensors and measuring energy and power associated with the Internet network government consumption. Smart government is the electronic services digital means for us dispense with many things, including the excessive use of paper and time lost in follow-up transactions between departments is an excellent step in the evolution of government services in the state system and the speed of completion of transactions and customer convenience in first class, which he could accomplish his business through his Smartphone without the need to go to the place of the government department and wait.

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