The ERP system is one of the most important systems implemented by organizations in Jordan, whether governmental or private organizations. Because of the numerous development in Internet services and the increasing dependence on web services, this has led to the appearance of many types of ERP systems that depend on web services and use the web interface as the main interface for the system, and because of this development in the ERP system and its dependence on web services, this has led to problems in security with ERP system, especially since this system will be vulnerable to a hacker attack because it contains important data for organizations because the ERP system is a large database that serves all departments of organizations such as the finance, administrative, and marketing departments. This makes it a major target through which hackers seek access to organization data, which makes the security of an ERP system based on Web services an important topic that must be studied. Therefore, this paper will focus on the topic of ERP Security and will address the basic principles, properties, main requirements, and challenges of ERP system security based on Web services.

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