Regulators of the Russian software market over the past 8 years have a significant impact on the market: from the serious requirements about the protection of personal data in information systems to the policy and state corporate’s programs of import substitution. This article contains a part of the results of two author’s researches (2017, 2019) that covered about 150 experienced engineers and managers in all federal districts of Russia. The expert’s panel reviewed the change in costs and efforts in software development projects connected with stricter requirements for collecting and storing personal data, preventing of data leaks, evaluated import substitution of system and application software and determined the possibilities of using technologies, based on open-source code. The results of the both studies are accompanied by analysis of dynamic of last few years and the brief recommendations of the author.

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PASHCHENKO, Denis. Russian Local Trends in Software Development – Expectations and Reality. Resume of Studies in 2017-2019. Global Journal of Computer Science and Technology, [S.l.], aug. 2020. ISSN 0975-4172. Available at: <https://computerresearch.org/index.php/computer/article/view/1934>. Date accessed: 24 nov. 2020.