A cyber-attack is “an attempt to gain illegal access to a computer or computer system for the purpose of causing damage or harm.”In the cyber realm there are many ways hackers go about getting personal information in an unauthorized way. In this research project I will be focusing totally on Phishing, how it works, some examples and how we can reduce phishing incidents. Phishing is a cyber security attack that uses email as a weapon. The process of phishing is when the email recipient believes that the message, they are sent is something they want or need. The attackers disguise themselves as a trusted entity of some kind making the recipient feel as if they are conversing with trustworthy person, or a company the victim might do business with. It's one of the oldest types of cyber attacks and it's still one of the most widespread and harmful. In my research I found that the F5 Lab of Artificial Threat Intelligence breaks down phishing into three distinct operations.

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