Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) is a pertinent multi-carrier modulation approach that is more immune to frequency selective fading. In the 5G waveform, in order to reduce the traffic in OFDM based on technology, it is important to re-size the bandwidth. Consequently, a spectrally localized waveform technology called Filtered Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (F-OFDM), which is primarily an approach to sub-band based filtering is introduced. Windowed-OFDM (W-OFDM), which is basically a classical OFDM scheme where each symbol is windowed and overlapped in the time domain. Each of the different subbands can be processed according to the traffic scenario.

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MAHMUD, MIRZA ABIR MAHMUD, MD.HAFIZUL ISLAM, MD. MARUF HOSAIN, MD.Hasan. BER Performance Analysis of OFDM, W-OFDM and F-OFDM for 5G Wireless Communications. Global Journal of Computer Science and Technology, [S.l.], dec. 2020. ISSN 0975-4172. Available at: <https://computerresearch.org/index.php/computer/article/view/1982>. Date accessed: 15 aug. 2022.