Education is the backbone of a nation. So every nation emphasizes it with their highest value as development is mostly dependent on education. In the modern era, online classroom conditions naturalized through specialized video conferencing applications. There may be students and instructors to take the class as a traditional classroom. There is at least one current tutor present, and the lesson is completed in real- time at a fixed time, with the students being present. Here, students and teachers can genuinely engage in class. However, a class does not always need a live teacher to inspect students; they can also proceed to their desired place. Sometimes there may be no teacher at all. This type of online classroom is an unsupervised online classroom. It is distinguished by ready-made lessons that the students can receive without the help of an instructor. Examinations can also be automated in this system. So, in any situation and place, an online class can be taken. At the time of COVID-19, all over the world, people are in crisis and are locked down in their houses. The traditional educational system is facing more trouble to continue its activities. In the traditional system, some teachers used to teach various subjects in front of their students in an educational institution.

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