Exam Management System (EMS) at Notre Dame University Bangladesh (NDUB) is an effective system for man- aging exam and course-related activities for NDUB. EMS auto- mates the conventional system of managing exams. EMS helps NDUB faculties, students, and other academic officers to manage the exam processing very easily and effectively and EMS can maintain mobility of these activities better than conventional manual systems. The main intentions of EMS are to conduct the exam and course-related activities very easily and rapidly. Comprehensively EMS has many interesting features altogether situated in a fair intended web application. EMS is designed using recent technologies like ‘Laravel 7.0’, ‘Bootstrap’, ‘JavaScript’, ‘jQuery’, ‘MySQL’. EMS’s working speed is very rapid and its database can take a massive user load at a time. EMS can be very useful for the exam and course-related operations of Notre Dame University Bangladesh.

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