Blockchain on Voting System in Africa


  • Adeolu Seun Obamehinti


blockchain, Ethereum, smart contract, voting


Voting system, in Nigeria has received a major setback over the years where the citizens has stopped believing in its system as free, reliable, tamperproof, without interference and credible. The present system of voting in Nigeria has led to incessant riot, given rise to election rigging, double voting, ballot snatching, rigging by tampering with results, third party interference, increase in death rate and unfavorable atmosphere for business and tourism. The traditional system of voting in Nigeria is paper ballot voting, where citizens come out and line up to do a paper thumb print on the ballot paper of their preferred candidate, this system is not reliable, had been tampered with over the years, leads to double voting, loss of ballot boxes and snatching by third party interference, it is also rigorous as most registered voters end up not exercising their franchise. Nigeria, needs a voting system that is tamperproof, disallows double spending, can keep accurate record of voters, and does not allow third party interference, hence the need for blockchain technology.

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Blockchain on Voting System in Africa