Human Tracking and Profiling for Risk Management


  • Ranjith K.H.V.S

  • Jayasekara A.S

  • Ratnasooriya K.A.L.L

  • J.L Thilini Randika

  • Dr. Lakmal Rupasinghe

  • Ms. Chethana Liyanapathirana


YOLO (V3), SSD (single shot detector), mobile- net, open-CV, image processing, open pose, tenser-flow


Infectious viruses are conveyed via respiratory droplets produced by an infected person when they speak, sneeze, or cough. So, to combat virus transmission, the World Health Organization (WHO) has imposed severe regulations such as mandatory face mask use and social segregation in public spaces. The Human Tracking and Profiling for Risk Management System (HTPRM) is an online application that identifies the risk associated with failing to follow proper health practices. This proposed approach, which is divided into four components, utilizes You Only Live Once YOLO (V3) to detect facemask danger, which would be determined based on two factors: wearing the face mask properly and the type of mask (Surgical, k95, homemade, and bare). The second phase is to use Open CV and SSDMobilenet to evaluate the value of a one-meter space (Social Distance) between people. The system recognizes the maximum number of individuals that can be in the vicinity of the specific hall that uses YOLO( V3) and image processing as the third procedure. In the last processing, the system identifies each persons behavior, classifies it as uncommon or not, and calculates the risk associated with each category. Finally, the system computes the overall risk and generates a warning alarm to notify the user that they are in a dangerous scenario.

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Ranjith K.H.V.S, Jayasekara A.S, Ratnasooriya K.A.L.L, J.L Thilini Randika, Dr. Lakmal Rupasinghe, & Ms. Chethana Liyanapathirana. (2022). Human Tracking and Profiling for Risk Management. Global Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 22(D1), 9–15. Retrieved from

Human Tracking and Profiling for Risk Management