Neural Network Design using a Virtual Reality Platform


  • Luigi Bibb

  • Francesco Carlo Morabito



machine learning, deep learning, neural nets, visualization, virtual reality


The evolution of Deep Learning (DL), a subset of machine learning, has made their use very effective in many artificial intelligence (AI) fields. In parallel Virtual Reality is going wide in many applications thanks to the proliferation of cameras in mobile devices and improved processing efficiency. Data visualization in deep learning is a fundamental element for which it can benefit from the advantages offered by the visualization of the VR for the development of the models. In addition, the researchers can widely use the editing of images and videos in the machine learning process to design a convolutional network suitable for image recognition. In this study, we want to demonstrate the usefulness of this approach in collecting data within virtual reality to train and optimize a convolutional neural network used to recognize human activities (HAR).

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Luigi Bibb, & Francesco Carlo Morabito. (2022). Neural Network Design using a Virtual Reality Platform. Global Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 22(D1), 45–61.

Neural Network Design using a Virtual Reality Platform