Trends in virtualization are always changing. As the technology matures and advances are made, there are more options open to administrators and more cost saving virtualization projects that can be implemented. The websites and articles listed in the reference section, give you some idea of the capability using the VMWare product, which is simply one of several virtualization options. Any company currently using physical servers can benefit from the cost savings and management simplification of a virtualized server environment. Virtualization allows for the maximizing of hardware through the sharing of resources. A virtualized environment is also easier to backup and restore for disaster recovery purposes. ESXi is a free product, and virtualization can often be achieved on existing hardware. The purpose of this review is to look at virtualization from the perspective of scholarly writers, but also understand how to implement a virtual environment that addresses the high cost of physical servers and rack space and can be implemented with very few tem members. This also addresses the ability of virtual environments to minimize downtime and simplify management. As for the need, all companies have a need to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and this type of project has a high ROI in both areas. This project will include research into the latest trends in virtualization. This has a direct application to business, strategic planning, and IT in general since this technology is rapidly permeating through the environments of IT departments and businesses around the world. Much scholarly work has also been done into the concept of virtualization, the impact on business in terms of ROI, disaster recovery, and reduced administration as well as the future of the technology in general.

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