Information and communications technology or information and communication technology, usually called ICT, is often used as an extended synonym for information technology (IT) allied with the computer and communication resources. It was treated as an electronic technique to storage, retrieval and processing on various types of data. Now IT has moved ahead towards every citizen due to its great usability and much more benefits and it also plays a vital role in e-commerce and e-business, so IT became a necessary part of the life of everybody. With the IT, various types of projects are running to provide the several types of facilities in the every area of all over the world towards the citizens. In recent digital era every Government also wants to maximum use of IT for the development of country. Indian Government also takes IT as very seriously and designs various types of projects to implement at every state level to every urban area as well as rural area. The combination of Government, IT and communication resources a concept came which known as E-governance. The purpose of this paper is to explore E-Governance in Punjab which is the richest state of India. However, it‟s a typical task to explore integrated E-governance in Punjab, but this paper will try to represent the every aspect of E-governance in Punjab with security point of view. Thus, this paper will discuss from introductory definition of E-governance to implemented key projects under E-governance with security.

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