Automated Road Lane Detection for Intelligent Vehicles


  • Dr. Anik Saha

  • Tauhidul Alam


Driver Assistance System, Computer Vision, Flood-fill Algorithm, Connected Component, Intelligent Vehicles


Automated road lane detection is the crucial part of vision-based driver assistance system of intelligent vehicles. This driver assistance system reduces the road accidents, enhances safety and improves the traffic conditions. In this paper, we present an algorithm for detecting marks of road lane and road boundary with a view to the smart navigation of intelligent vehicles. Initially, it converts the RGB road scene image into gray image and employs the flood-fill algorithm to label the connected components of that gray image. Afterwards, the largest connected component which is the road region is extracted from the labeled image using maximum width and no. of pixels. Eventually, the outside region is subtracted and the marks or road lane and road boundary are extracted from connected components. The experimental results show the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm on both straight and slightly curved road scene images under different day light conditions and the presence of shadows on the roads.

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Automated Road Lane Detection for Intelligent Vehicles