Time is the most important resource for any activity. Software development is no exception. With an increase in the competition in the market, it is very essential for the companies to release their products into the market at the earliest with good quality to earn profit. In order to develop the products early, companies implement various techniques like Rapid Application development and implement Agile methodologies like Scrum and Xtreme Programming to obtain tangible and useful features of the software at the earliest. It is just not sufficient to develop the product, it is more important to develop a quality product. But how does one know if the product is of good quality or not? This question is best answered by the Quality Assurance team which Tests the product end to end against requirements and standards. They conduct various kinds of tests and check the behavior of the system/ product in various conditions. If it passes all kinds of tests (which is dependent on the kind of the product or the system), then the QA team assures that the product is fit for use. Hence it is very important for the QA time to be given enough time to test the product/system before it is released into market. But it is difficult to judge as to how much time is required to test a product / system completely. An ideal answer would be “Years”. Time is a major constraint in any software activity. Many software projects are time bound. Then how does one ensure that within a given time, the product/system is tested to the level where a confidence can be achieved? The answer is one needs to adopt faster means of testing. Many Testing techniques are available which in help achieving this objective. The major drawback of some of the proved techniques is these techniques are dependent on the kind of the system that is being tested. So what are the other ways available to save time for testing? The answer is in the question itself. One can save some time in optimizing the way of testing itse

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