SDLC and Development Methodologies


  • Richard Scroggins


stakeholders, the design process in a linear methodology like waterfall


The overall purpose of any design review is to make sure that the stakeholders understand the design, and that they can confirm that the project team understands their needs and that the project is on the right track. In specific terms that are relevant to SDLC, since SDLC, or Systems Development Life Cycle, is a cyclical methodology, phases repeat, so changes can be made to the design in the next cycle. This makes the process a little less rigid compared to the design process in a linear methodology like waterfall. That is one reason why it is important to know the methodology upfront, because the approach for each phase changes based on the methodology. The design phase is very important in any project and regardless of the methodology, so a lot of time should be dedicated to the design phase.

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SDLC and Development Methodologies