Ambient Intelligence in Healthcare: A State-of-the-Art


  • Nilanjan Dey

  • Amira S.Ashour


ambient intelligence, wearable devices, wireless sensor networks, wireless body area networks, wearable sensors, monitoring systems, computational int


Information technology advancement leads to an innovative paradigm called Ambient Intelligence (AmI). A digital environment is employed along with AmI to enable individuals to be aware to their behaviors, needs, emotions and gestures. Several applications of the AmI systems in healthcare environment attract several researchers. AmI is considered one of the recent technologies that support hospitals, patients, and specialists for personal healthcare with the aid of artificial intelligence techniques and wireless sensor networks. The improvement in the wearable devices, mobile devices, embedded software and wireless technologies open the doors to advanced applications in the AmI paradigm. The WSN and the BAN collect medical data to be used for the progress of the intelligent systems adapted inevitably. The current study outlines the AmI role in healthcare concerning with its relational and technological nature. Health m

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Ambient Intelligence in Healthcare: A State-of-the-Art