Cloud has now become the essential part of the web technology and fast growth of cloud computing technique making it worth for the companies to invest in cloud. Growth of number of clouds is requiring inter cloud communication as concept of multi cloud or hybrid cloud is also spreading quickly. With this fast growth, more and more challenges are arising in the field of cloud computing. Various researchers are focusing on cloud oriented challenges and lots of research works are going on in this field. With emergence of cloud computing, the term "Hybrid Topology" or "Hybrid Deployment" is becoming more and more common. A "Hybrid Cloud" is group of clouds you join different cloud deployments into one connected cluster. Another area of research is to focus on communication between a cloud and non cloud computing system. Hybrid Cloud computing mainly deals with working of data centers where different software are installed with huge of growing data to provide information to the users of the system. The techniques which can be used in hybrid cloud securities can be built around the encryption and decryption of data, key based security algorithms which are mainly oriented on authentication and authorization techniques as in wired and wireless networks. One such mechanism is to share the challenge text between the clouds before actual communication should start for authentication. The various works done in this area till date are oriented on other techniques of security between the two or more clouds in a hybrid cloud.

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