We have come across various chat applications to instantly communicate with people. We have used various types of chat application in web-based applications. All these chat applications support text messages to be sent between the users in the instant they press Enter key. But if some problem has to be explained using diagrams, that is where most of these chats are helpless. The chat application we intend to do solves this problem as we are going to integrate a paint like editor to the chat window, so that diagrams could also be drawn and sent through chat. This could be helpful to many of the professional institutions like schools, colleges and industrial units. So we intend to design this application for LAN of these organizations. The people could use many features of this chat application to communicate and brainstorm within a LAN. For this application we need design it on a Client-Server architecture. Though the primary focus of our application is on the feature of providing communication through diagrams and figures, we would also provide different features in our chat app like using predictive texting, providing themes, voice to smiley, etc. thus making an enhanced chat application.

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