Routing Protocols to Enhance Security in MANETS


  • Dr. Rakesh Vanaparthi

  • Pragati.G


Mobile Ad-hoc Network, Routing Protocols, AODV protocol, SA-AODV protocol


Mobile ad hoc networking (MANET) is gradually emerging to be very important in the growth of wireless technology. This is anticipated to offer a range of flexible services to mobile and nomadic users by means of integrated homogeneous architecture. The proper routing protocol is necessary for better communication in MANET. One of the existing reliable protocols is Ad Hoc On-Demand Vector Routing (AODV) protocol which is a reactive routing protocol for ad hoc and mobile networks that maintains routes only between nodes that wants to communicate. There are various security issues to be considered in this protocol. In order to provide security for AODV protocol, Secure Ad Hoc On-Demand Vector Routing (SAODV) can be used. SAODV is an extension of the AODV routing protocol that can be used to shield the route discovery process by providing security characteristics like integrity and authentication. For secure protocol, digital signature, hash chains, etc., can be used in routing. This paper surveys on various techniques available for securing the mobile ad hoc network.

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Routing Protocols to Enhance Security in MANETS